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In September of 2020, Bill & Lisa Sartore took over the reigns. The founders of Microlumina added the Railroad Kits structure line along with Fine Scale Miniatures detail castings to their successful line of structure and model railroad LED lighting products.

Railroad Kits was started in 2006 by Jimmy Deignan. Jimmy started making this line of railroad kit's because he knew there was a need for an affordable, easy to build, wood structure kit. After selling more then 200 of his first three kits Jimmy celebrated his first year (2006) in business. The demand exceeded the expectations. In 2007, with the added line of structures originally designed and produced by Wil Bostic of White River Structures, Railroad Kits was preparing for it's second year to be even better. In 2008 Railroad Kits added a line of craftsman kit's originally designed and marketed by Paul Turner, under The Country Road Series brand. Yet another acquisition in 2009 brought in the Southcoast Scale Models line and the ability to offer resin kits and details. In 2010 Railroad Kits purchased the line of craftsman kits formerly produced by Sheepscott Scale Products. Also in 2010 Jimmy purchased kit rights, and a number of Hydrocal masters / molds from Downtown Deco. In 2011 he aqcuired the Ed Fulasz Hydrocal craftsman structure kit line. In 2012 Railroad Kits acquired the master molds and exclusive rights to manufacture the HO scale kits and details formally made by Pine Canyon Scale Models.

In 2016 Railroad Kits sold the Downtown Deco and Ed Fulasz Hydrocal lines to Doug Foscale of Fos Scale Models.

In 2018 Jimmy acquired the molds & masters to George Sellios' Fine Scale Miniatures castings & details.