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Boilermakers Beer and Ale


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BOILERMAKERS - Our biggest kit ever!


  • This kit requires 15" x 7.5" as shown.


Welcome to Boilermakers, a fine scale craftsman kit engineered with traditional methods and materials. Northeastern Scale Lumber supplied the quality basswood used in the kit. Railroad Kits does the laser cutting in house. The kit is of modular design which will allow the builder to assemble the structure in a number of different configurations.

  • Boilermaker's is a small hometown brewery and beer / ale distributor. All the additions to the main building were done in a random and haphazard manor over the years, with maintenance not being one of their stronger points or priorities. Please don't assemble and finish the kit in a uniform color or style. Use a variety of finishing techniques to emphasize the 'add on' look. The kit really has no front or back but rather a street side and a track side. The tracks can go on either side of the building, depending on how you want to locate it on your railroad.


Note: This kit was originally designed by Pete Willstein for his company Imagineering in the early 1990's