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G. Wilikers Casting Set


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You’ve been asking for it - now here it is - the complete casting set for Fine Scale Miniatures kit #255 G. Wilikers Machinery Wholesaler. Included with this casting set are drawings, templates and a comprehensive guide for the scratch-builder wanting to replicate this great structure model.

These castings are produced from the original molds made by George Sellios. Any new molds are made from the original FSM production models and are not made from any existing castings in circulation. See photos below for the contents of the casting set.

Please note that the guide we are providing is a guide only and NOT a complete set of step-by-step instructions. It is assumed that the builder is familiar with the materials and techniques required for building the structure model. Furthermore, this is a casting set only! Materials, such as wood, wire and roofing material for example, must be purchased separately from various other sources.

NOTE - As of January 2021, prices for tin (which our casting alloy contains 95%) have increased exponentially. Therefore, we will be making the larger and heavier casting sets to order and will not be keeping them on the shelf. You won't see a "sold out" status for the set but please allow a week or two for us to get your casting set shipped out to you. Thanks!