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Bailey's Produce JS2 Casting Set


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HO Scale Metal Castings Set to help you to scratch build the Out-of-Production Jewel Series FSM No. 2 Bailey's Produce Company. These are all the metal castings and wall and roof card templates only. Nothing else is included in this auction. These items are intended for the craftsman kit scratch builder. If you are not familiar with Fine Scale Miniatures craftsman kits, and kit Jewel Series No. 2 Bailey's in particular, this item is not for you. Contains One Set of all the metal castings needed to scratch build the Jewel Series Bailey's Produce, by Fine Scale Miniatures. See the picture on the black paper (photo #2) to see what is included. This also includes 13 paper "templates" of the walls, roof, and other cards printed in their exact sizes. Fine Scale Miniatures Detail Castings by Railroad Kits!  Made from the masters of 1000+ molds obtained directly from George Sellios. Warning: